Stages Flight is a web-based data analysis tool, with big screen display, integrated spot-reservation and mobile applications
Its functions include dynamic FTP testing, custom intensity rides, GPS rides, and competition modes. Video integration
and instructor cueing top off the experience for a true power-based indoor cycling solution.
Stages Flight products


You are now able to track EVERY workout activity, indoors AND outdoors, with Stages Flight.
Use your smartphone GPS, heart rate sensor and power sensor to get a complete record of your activities.
Track and Record
Stages Flight enables you to track and record
ALL your workout activities. View and
review your data to follow your progress.
Power and Heartrate
With Stages Flight in your indoor cycling class,
you are able to see your power and heart
rate data on the big screen in the studio.
Book Your Bike
Online booking through the Stages Flight website or app. Book your bike ahead of the class and get your
favorite spot in the studio.
Stages Flight Route Maker
Challenge yourself and your friends in
Stages Flight Route Maker with the advanced Stages Flight competition module based on power data.
Data Sync
All your data is synced to your own Stages Flight
training diary. Get a complete overview of
your workouts!
ANT+ Heartrate
Use your own ANT+ heart rate transmitter or
buy a Stages Flight in your club with a Sensor ID on the back.
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